Terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before booking a consultation or an appointment.

  • Before we can make your appointment for colour, we need you to pop into the salon for a skin allergy test, this needs to be done no later then 48 hours before your colour appointment.
  • All new colour clients and clients who has not have their colour done in our salon in the last 6 months will need to be skin allergy tested.
  • All new colour clients, colour change clients will have to have a complimentary consultation, this is where you will have your skin allergy test, strand test, and we will be able to discuss and plan your hair goal. Please contact the salon to book your complimentary consultation.
  • All new HairTalk™ tape extension clients will need a complimentary consultation.

Why this needs to be done?

  • We need to see what your best options are.
  • To see if your desired look is achievable.
  • We colour match the extensions to your hair.
  • We give you a quote for the service.
  • We booking in your HairTalk™ fitting

*Please note 50% of the overall cost is taken if you wish to go ahead and order the extensions.

Our deposit and cancellation policy

When booking your appointment, you will be asked to leave a 30% deposit of the overall price of the services you have booked. This policy is to ensure, that ‘no shows’ or last-minute cancellations are at a minimum, as its extremely unfair to staff and also clients who would have loved the appointment slot.

The 30% deposit will be deducted from the price of the treatment upon payment. However, in the event of a cancellation or non-attendance of an appointment with less than 12 hours’ notice the deposit in full is taken.

We understand that emergencies arise, and occasionally it is necessary to cancel appointments with minimal notice. If this occurs, we will do everything we can to fill the appointment time with another client, however if unable to do so, this will result in the deposit being non-refundable, per our cancellation policy.

For more detailed clarifications on the cancellation policies please contact reception on 083 3330802.

*please note if returning a deposit fee, this can take up-to 5 working days to be refunded into your bank account.